Professional Services

Let us help you with our Expertise

We provide services to help you define and deliver upon a strategy to improve IT Service Management (ITSM) practices enabling IT to be integrated into your business’ value chain. IT Service Management consulting services are provided by competent Infonova consultants based on widely adopted approach and frameworks for ITSM and industry best practices.

The outcome of our approach enables companies to adapt IT Services to support and improve the core business processes.

ITSM Professional Services

If you are looking for IT to better support business outcomes, improve IT service quality, have higher availability of business critical applications, achieve regulatory compliance, you have come to the right place. Infonova’s ITSM Consulting services from will enable you to solve all of your Service Management related challenges.

Onsite Consulting

Our onsite IT consulting services are customised to address specific business needs from reviewing your ITSM objectives, tools, capabilities and gaps through to process assessment, road-mapping, and definition of future state. We can assist you in defining your requirements (business, functional, and technical) and preparing documentation including RFP’s to help in the selection of technologies that best fit your needs and will deliver the best value and outcome.

ITSM Toolset Implementation

Delivery of ITIL based IT Service Management Solutions based on the BMC and HP Service Management Platform. This includes Requirements Assessment, Design Workshops, Product Training, Installation & Configuration, Customisation & On-going support. Once you have decided which tool sets are best for you, we can guide you through the implementation to ensure that your technology will meet your process and workflow needs.

ITSM Toolset Assessment and Selection

Dependent upon your requirements, goals, budget, and ITSM maturity level, we have models to help narrow the selection, measure proof-of-value results, assess vendor and/or VAR capabilities to help you make the best decision possible.  Our assessment includes current maturity level, comprising process completeness, current tool usage where applicable, automation, end-to-end delivery. The assessment typically reveals a number of previously unidentified or unprioritised issues which can have an influence on the next steps.

ITSM Processes Design and Implementation

We provide guidance on and best practice models for effective design and implementation of Request Fulfilment , Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management and Change Management processes

ITIL Process Maturity Assessment

The Process Maturity Assessment uses ITIL® as a benchmark for assessing ITSM process maturity. An ITIL certified consultant compares your processes to best practices. The documented outcome clearly illustrates where you stand and includes recommendations for improvement.

Service Dependency Mapping

Dynamic service modelling via top-down discovery creates accurate topology maps that relate business services to IT applications and supporting infrastructure resulting in the better isolation of the failing component and a clearer understanding impacted services.

What Else We Do

IT Asset Management Consulting (ITAM)

Our mission is to help our customers to get more out of their existing infrastructure by optimising their asset base through our independent advice and best practice solutions.

We conduct an in-depth gap analysis of critical ITAM policies, processes, and procedures. The documented outcome clearly illustrates where you stand and includes recommendations for improvement. The recommendations can then be road-mapped as part of an improvement programme.

CMDB Consulting Services

We offer a full range of CMDB consulting services to help organisations at every stage of the CMDB project life cycle. During the first stage of the CMDB project, we will assess your readiness to take on the CMDB both from a project and BAU perspective, create a project road-map and develop specific implementation process and technology architecture recommendations. The next step is about documenting and validating the detailed requirements through onsite CMDB requirements workshop facilitation. Following which the CMDB solution design is written and then once verified and signed-off, the implementation can commence. CMDB projects can be complex and are often under assessed meaning that ROI is hindered from the start.

Whether you are looking for improvements to existing capability or starting from scratch, Infonova can assist in all stages of a CMDB’s lifecycle.

ITSM Roadmap

Based on your strategic business objectives and supporting IT plans, we will help you to determine what the most efficient way to improve IT Service Management within your organisation is. The roadmap prepared by Infonova will be defined in conjunction with key stakeholders from you organisation and will show a high correlation to the overall business strategy and demonstrate the value of ITSM.

Asset Discovery and Reporting

It is essential to know your infrastructure in order to provide service assurance, compliance, to facilitate informed decision making and to achieve structural cost savings. We help you to get back ‘In Control’ by taking a methodical approach to understanding your IT Assets. This process involves probing questions designed to ensure no stone is left unturned and the true state revealed.

Questions include:
What assets do we have? Are we sure?
Where are they? How do we know that?
Are they being used?
What is their lifecycle status?
Is the Asset in our future state?
Do they support the organisation’s business goals?
What are they costing us? Is this accurate? How do we validate this?
What is our software license position?
Are we compliant?
What are our risks, contractually, financially, corporate image?

Service Catalogue Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive service catalog consulting services to support clients to deploy an effective IT service catalog that meets the needs of all users. We can facilitate a Service  Catalog Workshop to enable your team to build an actionable IT Service Catalog based on our best-practice approach for effective definition and modeling of business services.

As with our other consulting services, a clear understanding of where we are and what we want to achieve is crucial to evaluating our effectiveness and measuring improvement. Current state, future state and the areas requiring improvement, and our recommendations will be documented.

Service Delivery Methodology

Our service delivery methodology is a simple common sense approach to your organisation’s engagement. Communications is core to everything we do. We will keep you fully apprised of the current situation and analysis. The value of open and direct communication should not be underestimated.

Utilising our proven methodology, we will work with you to define your requirements and assist you in configuring the IT solution to best support your operational and business goals. Your project will be managed and defined using standard project management guidelines and principles.

The five phases of the Infonova Engagement Methodology are as follows:

Successful project start with clarity – We work with you to understand your business objectives and identify the goals to be addressed by the solution. We’ll help you assess the current state of ITSM in your organisation, and identify where you want to get to. Then we will work with you to generate a master plan to ensure alignment between your business and ITSM processes.

We take the critical success factors identified in the Evaluation phase and work with you to develop specifications and deliverables that will become the foundation for your ITSM transformation.

We work with you to implement the Solution Design as identified in a previous phase. We involve SME, key stakeholders and other ITSM personnel to discuss the solution design, allowing for a better understanding of what is needed in order to move your new solution into the production environment. We will guide you through the implementation and assist you in configuring application components to ensure that your solution is delivered as per specification, is fit for purpose and delivers business value.

Our ITSM specialist monitors performance and ensures the solution continues to meet the business objectives and is delivering the value required. We will assist you to understand how changes will affect the operation of your solution and identify new opportunities to align your solution with your business processes.

We focus on optimising your solution to increase productivity, improve quality, control costs, and ensure your solution continues to achieve your business objectives and goals into the future. Once the changes have bedded in, we conduct an assessment to gauge success and alignment with desired state. The outputs of the assessment are used as part of continual service improvement.